Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ultra Hero Series Review: Ultraman Nice

My next review is Ultra Hero Series no.29: Ultraman Nice.

Ultraman Nice arrives from the planet TOY-1 in a series of "infomercials" (1-minute toy commercials) presented during the 1999 Japan reruns of Ultraman Tiga The 1-minute spots, advertising the wide variety of Bandai/Popy Ultraman toys, actually do have a storyline, along with some "surprise guests."

Now the photos:

Everything's the same, Boxart, figure, and a card.

Front/rear, & pose.



3-inch Play Hero vs Ultraman series:

Ultra Hero Series:

RATING: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Afterwords: If you want to grab this before it runs out of stock forever, good luck.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

LBX Review: 1/1 LBX Perseus

Here's the new review, LBX Fans. This is Bandai's 1/1 LBX Perseus.


 LBX Perseus description:
Perseus is Hiro's LBX. A new machine developed specifically for him by Professor Yamano. It is equipped with a new type of armorframe. Perseus has an incredible speed and power but lacks defensive capabilities. It is equipped with two blades. It's Attack Function is Cosmo Slash.

Now the photos:


The Two Perseus Swords.

The Plastic Microchip.

The Poses.


3-inch Ultraman Figure:

Ultra Hero Series Ultraman Cosmos:
HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam:

Figma Mirai Suenaga:

The entire parts in this set.

RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Pretty good, but I really hate that paper cape.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ultra Hero Series Review: Ultraman Cosmos (Luna Mode)

Now a new review about Ultraman figures.

This is UHS (Ultra Hero Series) number 31: Ultraman Cosmos Luna Mode. This review is also commemorates Ultraman Cosmos' return in Ultraman Saga.

The Box-art.

God. I really hate what the price name is written "Power Rangers", MY GOD, ARE THEY EVEN TRYING???
The Figure. (Front, Side, & Rear)


Some cheesy poses for my favorite cheesy hero (There's a very few articulation, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT???)

The card that included in this toy.

Comparison to the other model kits/toys.

With the First Contact DVD.

The Camera's view of his "rise"

4.0 out of 5 stars
PROS: Colorful but a very little mistakes. Great for an Ultra fan.
CONS: A little Articulation.

Since I'm not collecting other modes, I'm going to buy Ultraman Justice Standard Mode instead.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ultra-Show: New Century Ultraman Legend

Since I'm not yet reviewing my models, I'm gonna post this video : New Century Ultraman Legend.
The show only lasts 15 minutes only. People can watch the full version here. New Century Ultraman Legend is belonged to Tsuburaya Productions.

Sorry about the video's poor quality.
P.S. And you thought the Ultraman-addicted family from Ultraman Nice collected Ultraman toys.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Toys from Mid Valley Jusco (15/2/2012)

Returning a new update from the previous post

Some new toys from Mid Valley Jusco from yesterday.

 A Product shelf with a promotional TV. But the AGE Gunpla PV stopped.

Advanced Grades (AG)
 (From Left) AG Genoace, Genoace custom, & Adele.
(From Left) AG Zeydra, AGE-1 Titus, G-Exes, & AGE-1 Spallow.
 (From Left) AG AGE-1 Normal, Gefran & the same, AGE-1 Titus. No sight of AGE-2 Normal.

Gage-ing Builders:

A whole lotta GB toys. But there's no GB Arcade game in this country yet.

Gage-ing Builder (GB) AGE-1 Normal Starter set.

AGE-1 Normal (Without weapons.)

Gage-ing Carry Case.

AGE-1 Normal G-Wear core.

AGE-1 Spallow G-Wear Arms & Legs.

AGE-1 Titus G-Wear Arms & Legs. (Whut, a BEAM SABER???)

Some displays made by workers.

All the HG Gundam AGE models. I already purchased AGE 1 & 2 Normal. Still no sight of AGE-2 Normal.


HG Gundam Seed Remaster Kits. (You'll look closer at the HG Forbidden, Blitz, & the Raider were normal releases.) I already bought the HG Freedom Remaster ver.^^

Samurai products. Now TV2 was still airing Go-onger after RPM. Samurai was expected to be aired later.

The figures & the TV for promoting commercials.
The display of Figures.

The Samurai figures, all in Mega mode. normal versions will be expected to be released later. They also plus a Rita Repulsa/Witch Bandora figure in it.

The Belt & the Spin Sword/Shinken-maru.

(From Left) The DX Samurai Megazord/Shinkenoh,  the smaller version of the Spin sword/Shinken-maru, & the Gold Ranger's Samurai Morpher/ShinkenGold's Sushi Changer.

The DX Samurai Clawzord/Ebi Origami.

The whole releases of the products of PR Samurai.

The Samurai Mega Blade.

And the Non-Power Rangers, but Super Sentai Toy, The Super Sentai Best 01: includes Go-on Red, GokaiRed, AkaRed, GoseiRed, ShinkenRed, & GekiRed.

At last but no least, Kamen Rider.
Maybe now Kamen Rider Decade was starting to air in NTV7 in Malaysia.

The Reissued Kamen Rider Henshin Belts, (From Top to bottom) Agito, Ichigo, & Blade. Kuuga is from the left, but this bystander box blocked it. Damn.

Kamen Rider Decade DX K-Touch.

The Kuuga belt.

(From top, Left to right) DX Diend Driver, & Final Form Ride (FFR) Figure Den-O. (From Bottom, Left to right)  FFR Kuuga, FFR Kabuto, & FFR Hibiki.

(From left to right) FFR Diend, & FFR Decade.

FFR Decade Complete form.